Arizona State Trapshooting Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
April 1, 2007
Location-Tucson Trap & Skeet Club

BOD: Dick Whitman, Steve Long, Larry Mane, Doug Sims, Don Jensen, Richard Goerlich, Tim
Robb, Betty Sackett, Bob Dobbs, ATA Delegate; Doug Hawkins, and
former ASTA Secretary; Scott McClelland

President, Richard Goerlich called the meeting to order at 8:38 a.m. Gentlemen, this meeting is
for the purpose of election of officers. It is noted that Doug Hawkins was elected ATA Delegate
and Tim Robb was elected as Alternate. Are there nominations
for ASTA President?

Larry Mane: I nominate Richard Goerlich, seconded by Bob Dobbs.

Don Jensen: I nominate Steve Long, seconded by Dick Whitman.

Don Jensen; I would like to say a few words; Dick you have served tirelessly as our president
for many years, that being said I feel it is time for a new face as president of this association.

Goerlich; is there any other discussion? I call for a vote. Steve Long 3 votes Richard Goerlich 6 votes

Goerlich; is there nominations for Vice President?

Dick Whitman: I nominate Steve Long, seconded by Doug Sims.

Don Jensen: I nominate Tim Robb, seconded by Larry Mane.

Goerlich; I call for a vote. Steve Long is unanimously elected Vice President.
There is discussion regarding the offices of Treasurer and Secretary and do we want to keep
them separate or combine them as in the past.

Steve Long: I make the motion to keep these offices separate, seconded by Bob Dobbs.

Don Jensen: I would like some more discussion on this, it appeared to work having them
separate are there other opinions?

Doug Sims; it can be confusing especially to the clubs reports and checks sent to the wrong
officer then there can be a delay with deposits and processing information.

Steve Long: I withdraw my motion.

Goerlich; I nominate Betty Sackett for Secretary/Treasurer, seconded by Larry Mane with no
opposition Betty Sackett is unanimously elected Secretary/Treasurer.

Doug Sims; I will finish the financials from the State Shoot and will work with Betty on
seamless transition of the offices. There is a need to verify our clubs are submitting there
financials accurately and in a timely manner.

Doug Hawkins; I suggest we have the financial form in triplicate, this will be beneficial to both
the ASTA and the ATA.

Goerlich; our next meeting will be the scheduling meeting; we will not set the schedule
electronically this year.
As a point of business, do we want to eliminate the Zone Shoots, they are not attended well and
are not beneficial for the clubs, I believe they should be eliminated.

Larry Mane; I also would like to eliminate them they are a financial drain. I have been looking
at our income and balances have been declining over the past four years. If we do not change
something we will be defunct in four years.

Betty Sackett; as a non-profit entity how much can we have on the books?

Doug Hawkins; we had originally set up the Home Grounds Fund when 3 major clubs were in
serious financial trouble, the thought was that we may not have a place to shoot.
This fund is basically a savings account.

Steve Long; have we made money on these funds?

Doug Sims; a little it is in a basic savings account.

Larry Mane: I make the motion to eliminate the Zone Shoots, seconded by Betty Sackett
passed unanimously.

Steve Long; what about the Gun Giveaway?

Bob Dobbs; If we go back to gold coins we can give more items to the shooters.

Goerlich; I would like to discuss all of this at the Shoot Date Meeting: gun giveaway, added
money, gold coins, trophies etc. I will work with Betty on a date and location.

Tim Robb; Ben Avery will have representatives there, I also notified Prescott with no reply we
will try to remain in contact with them.

Doug Sims; Prescott’s perfect 50s money was turned over to the ASTA if they came back on
line we would restore those Monies to the club for the shooters.

Steve Long; I talked to Mr. Volz he is willing to make the shooters perfect 50 money right at
Casa Grand

Goerlich; their offer is appreciated but I believe we should work with the previous owners to
recoup those funds for the shooters.

Steve Long; I make the motion to adjourn this meeting, seconded by Tim Robb, unanimous,
meeting adjourned 9:00 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Scott P. McClelland
ASTA Secretary

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