Arizona State Trapshooting Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, February 20, 2008 – Tucson Trap & Skeet Club

In Attendance:
Richard Goerlich, Betty Sackett, Larry Mane, Tim Robb, Bob Dobbs, Doug Sims, Don Jensen, Dick Whitman
ATA Delegate Doug Hawkins

Not Present: Steve Long

State Shoot Update
President Goerlich called the meeting to order at 4:03 PM.
Betty Sackett presented a YTD financial report. Total bank balances as of 2/17/08 were $64,119. The $30,000 Home Grounds 7-month CD matured in January earning interest of $871. It was also noted that we generated $605 in advertising sold for the StateShoot Program.

Bob Dobbs reported all trophies for Wednesday through Friday had been purchased. The total amount spent was approximately $4300. President Goerlich reported he had ordered all nonresident trophies for the championship events and some had been received. The total expenditure by ASTA for trophies should come in around $15,000, which is under the amount budgeted/approved. Betty Sackett reported that trophies were starting to arrive at RMTS and that she had received the ATA champions pins.

Betty Sackett suggested that we use three of the 1/10 oz gold coins that we already own for the 2008 Championship Winners.

Don Jensen agreed and proposed that we use the remaining two 1/10 oz gold coins next year and purchase one additional for the championship awards. All BOD members agreed that we should use the gold coins we currently have, due to the high price of gold, for the ASTA Championship Winners this year.

The target setting committee will be comprised of Doug Hawkins, Tim Robb, Dick Goerlich, Dick Whitman and Larry Mane.

Doug Hawkins asked for help classifying and Bob Dobbs said he could assist and Betty Sackett can assist wherever needed.
President Goerlich asked when BOD members would be arriving. Dick Goerlich, Bob Dobbs, Larry Mane, Dick Whitman, Betty
Sackett would be there all week, Don Jensen would arrive Tuesday, Doug Sims, Thursday.

The ballot box will be open for 30 minutes following the recess on Friday and will reopen on Saturday from 7:30 -10:00AM. It will be manned by BOD members and the votes will be counted by BOD members not involved in the election.
Discussion was held pertaining to the Western Zone Shoot at Garden Canyon. (Western Zone Shoot site). Betty Sackett said she had spoken to Rod Ritter regarding this shoot and Rod plans to submit a proposed program to the BOD for review. The budget includes $1,500 for trophies/added money to support this shoot.

Bob Dobbs asked about the future of State Zone Shoots and President Goerlich said there were no plans to hold any at this time. A brief discussion followed regarding various ideas, however no decisions were reached.

President Goerlich informed the BOD that due to family and work obligations, he would be resigning his term after the conclusion of the State Shoot. Per the ByLaws, the BOD will appoint someone to serve out the remainder of his term.

Larry Mane moved to adjourn 4:45 PM, seconded by Dick Whitman.

Respectfully submitted:
Betty A. Sackett
ASTA Secretary

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