Arizona State Trapshooting Association
Board of Directors Meeting
January 12, 2018

BOD Attendees:

Steve Long, Mark Williams, Marty Benko, Don Archibald, Roger Combs, Karen Bergman, Doug Sims, Al Mathews

ATA Delegate: John Bergman

President Long called the meeting to order at 5:35 P.M.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and copies distributed t the members of the board. Doug Sims made a motion to approve the minutes seconded by Marty Benko. passed unanimously.

Secretary /Treasurer Roger Combs gave a brief Treasurers report and copies of the most recent bank statement was made. A motion to approve was made by Bruce Archibald seconded by Al Mathews. Passed unanimously.

Discussion was held about preparations for the State Shoot. HOA/HAA trophies (leather bags).

Motion Marty Benko second Bruce Archibald.

The purchase of State team jackets was recommended, Motion by Roger Combs second Bruce Archibald.

Discussion was held as to the amount of target buy down and the amount allowed for trophies ($45.00).

Discussion was held for the number of shooter required to make up a trophy class. (3 or more). Motion Marty Benko second Al Mathews. Passed unanimously.

A motion to adjourn was made by Marty Benko seconded by Bruce Archibald. The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 P.M.

Roger Combs

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