Arizona State Trap Association BOD Meeting

July 21, 2018

Guests:  Helen Kisthardt, Vickie Craine, Jim Grider and Jay Alderman

Jay Alderman requested ASTA Board to send out notice of Camping discount for Ben Avery; Board stated this is a club decision.

  1. Call to Order at 1:30 pm by President Mark Williams.
  2. Roll Call: Mark Williams, Karen Bergman, Tiger Volz, Steve Long, Doug Sims, Marty Benko, all present. Missing: Bruce Archibald, Roger Combs, Steve Bell (out of state).
  3. Minutes read by Tiger Volz, discussion: Date needs to be corrected to April 14, 2018; motion made by Steve Long to approve, second by Marty Benko; board approved as amended all in favor
    • Treasurer’s Report as of June 30, 2018:
      • Checking 1: $7,439.62
      • Checking 2: $50,919.25
      • Checking 3: $103,905.19
      • Checking 4: $16,179.90
      • Checking 5: $3,006.59
  4. Unfinished Business:
    • Axline Award, Paul Wolf Award: Both have been dispersed to winners.
    • Rookie of the Year: Page dedicated in the AZ State Program to Her/Him. John Bergman (ATA Delegate) in charge of Buckle order.
    • Daily fees notice of $2.00/day and $1.00/day (Big 50 Program) to all clubs; letter to be sent by Steve Bell to all clubs with yearly stickers. Rule book also needs to be updated.
    • State Team Jackets finished and have been sent to State Team members; all received. Bill received and paid.
    • Bills for Trophies from 2018 State shoot, some not paid, but have Treasurer’s attention
    • Trophies left from AZ State shoot; Steve Bell called shooter and shooter sent postage for shipping to them. No cost to ASTA. All board members agreed left over prizes from State shoot to be used at Hall of Fame shoot for door prizes. Leather prizes were distributed to a SCTP group and will rotate through out the State each year. Board in agreement
    • Hall of Fame Shoot Program and AZ State Shoot Program to be printed and mailed 8
      weeks prior to shoots. Ads for State shoot to gathered by Autumn Grand. Web Site, all board members agreed looking better. Contact information for ASTA Board members needed. Checking to see if we can shorten Champion Pages into Pdf pages? Not take up so much space.
  5. New Business
    • ASTA Stickers and Wallet Cards for 2018-2019 Season: Have WZ date for 2019; no cost for ASTA; thank you Steve Bell. Thank you card to be sent to printer.
    • Ben Avery has Vendor dates stand. Vickie Craine (AZ) will be hosting Ben Avery shoots.
    • Hall of Fame Shoots; possible rotation? Will discuss further at another meeting.
    • Trophy committee for shoots: 1 representative from each Zone.
    • Bylaw Committee to go over our Bylaws (11/13/14); Rules (9/1/16).
  6. Casa Grande Trap and Skeet will be hosting an ATA Registered Big 50 Program every Monday starting in September of 2018. See ASTA web site for dates.
  7. ATA News: John Bergman reports no new news from ATA. Big 50 Programs are becoming very popular.
  8. Adjourn at 2:55pm; motion made by Steve Long, second by Doug Sims: All in favor.
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