Arizona State Trapshooting Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Sunday, March 30, 2008
Red Mountain Trap & Skeet Club

In Attendance:
Richard Goerlich, Betty Sackett, Larry Mane, Tim Robb, Steve Long, Bob Dobbs, Doug Sims, Don Jensen, Richard Luckett
ATA Delegate Doug Hawkins

Election of Officer’s
Appointment of Zone A Director to replace Richard Goerlich

President Goerlich called the meeting to order at 8:12 AM and called for the election of officers.

Tim Robb nominates Larry Mane, seconded by Bob Dobbs
Don Jensen nominates Steve Long, seconded by Richard Luckett
Both candidates addressed the Board as to their qualifications and what they would do as President.
At this time, Tim Robb praised Dick stating that as President, he had set the bar very high. He had been an inspiration, he did
the trophies, set the targets, and in essence, he did it all…and that the next President needed to realize that it takes a leader to
do all of these things. You need to be a diplomat and work through problems with people and clubs. And with that, he
thanked Dick for all that he has done.

President Goerlich called for a vote. Larry Mane – 5 votes, Steve Long – 4 votes. Larry Mane is elected President

Vice President:
Don Jensen nominates Steve Long – Steve declines the nomination

Larry Mane nominates Tim Robb, seconded by Doug Sims – Tim Robb is unanimously elected Vice President.

Secretary /Treasurer:
Larry Mane nominates Betty Sackett, seconded by Dick Goerlich – Betty Sackett is unanimously elected Secretary/Treasurer

Zone A Director Replacement:
Several candidates were discussed as possible replacements, however, one potential candidate did not have enough targets,
and another declined. Larry Mane suggested John Scanlon. He meets all of the qualifications and was willing to serve the
remaining two years of Dick’s term. John has previously been involved on the ASTA State Board and on Club boards; has shot
for many years and is very active in the sport. John is impartial and would bring experience and knowledge and be an asset to
the Board.

Larry Mane nominates John Scanlon, seconded by Betty Sackett. John Scanlon unanimously elected as Zone A Director to
replace Dick Goerlich.

The next meeting will be the shoot date scheduling meeting and that may be done via e-mail. Dick asked the board to revisit the Zone shoots or possibly a team shoot concept that Doug Hawkins has suggested.

Larry Mane made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Betty Sackett

Respectfully submitted:
Betty A. Sackett

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