Arizona State Trapshooting Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Saturday, May 12, 2007

Present: BOD Members
Dobbs, Goerlich, Jensen, Long, Mane, Robb, Sackett, Whitman

Present Clubs:
BA–T. McMahon, CG- David, DA–M.McNeeley, GC–R.Ritter,
RM–J.Mennetti, WM-M.Horine, TU-L.Bachman

Others Present: D.Hawkins (ATA Delegate), A. Nash, W.Venberg, P. Jacobs, J.Vernon

AGENDA: Schedule 2007-2008 Shoot Dates
President Goerlich called the meeting order at 12:00N.

Lee Bachman gave an update on the 2007 State Shoot. He reported there were 436 participants (15
less than the AG) from 36 states and 4 provinces. 199 AZ residents participated. Lee commented that
using 16-4 trap fields on the Championship Singles, shoot-offs had to be conducted under the lights.
Lee also announced the Spring Grand will be scheduled the week of February 18 vs February 11 in 2008
due to the Gem Show starting a week later. This change has received EC approval.
Tim Robb reported that Prescott will hold no registered trap shoots in the 2008 target year, citing lack of
help to run them.

Tom McMahon (BA) asked for feedback relative to their upcoming inaugural shoot on June 3. They plan
to throw 300 targets, shooting a modified 50 format over six fields (3 starting traps). Registration will
open at 7:00AM with a starting time of 8:00AM. A program will be forthcoming. Due to the fact that the
clubhouse is under construction, there is no food service available. Shooters need to be notified and plan
accordingly. Bottled water will be available. Tim Robb and Dick Goerlich will be there on Saturday, June 2
to help get everything ready. Tom will be ordering PC software (3S). Bob Dobbs and Larry Mane, plus
other Board members will be available to help with this first shoot.

Shoot Date Scheduling:
Goerlich then led the scheduling process. Each club submitted their desired 2007-2008 Target Year dates
and the shoot calendar was established. Garden Canyon will be back in the rotation along with Ben Avery,
however, Yuma will not hold any shoots in the 2008 target year. Green Sheets for the year were received
from Ben Avery, Garden Canyon and White Mountain.

President Goerlich motioned to adjourn at 1:05PM, seconded by Steve Long.

Submitted by
Betty Sackett
ASTA Secretary
Encl: Preliminary Shoot Schedule

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