Arizona State Trapshooting Association
Board of Directors Meeting
May 6, 2017
ASTA BOD meeting Ben Avery Clay Target Center Phoenix, Arizona

BOD Attendees:
Steve Long, Karen Bergman, Doug Sims, Mark Williams, Alvin Mathews, Martin Benko, Steven Bell, Roger Combs, Donald Archibald
ATA Delegate: John Bergman
ATA Alternate Delegate Absent: Tiger Voltz

President Long called the meeting to order at 10:02 A.M. and welcomed every one. He then turned the meeting over to the secretary/ treasurer Roger Combs who requested approval of the BOD reorganization meeting following the annual
meeting. APPROVED unanimous.

President Long requested a Treasurer’s report. Roger Combs reported that ASTA had as of noon on Friday Checking-$6,756.12, Operations 1-$97,888.03, Operations II $50,891.67, Life Membership-$15,874.68, Axline-$3,505.46
Don Archibald requested a brief explanation of the various funds and their purpose.
Total $174,915.46:

Mark Williams moved to approve the treasurer’s report seconded by Al Mathews. Motion carried unanimous.

President Long asked ATA delegate John Bergman for a report on anything new with the ATA. Mr. Bergman reported that there will be an elimination of the 18 yard line for handicap. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has entered into a long term agreement with the ATA for the National Grand in Sparta, Illinois. The Dixie Grand has been eliminated and a Grand has been awarded to North Carolina.

Karen Bergman commented that the majority of the membership made their feelings known at the annual meeting voting to move the October date of the Hall of Fame Shoot to the second week in January. She also noted that the October
dates were too hot. It was noted that “the act of the majority of the active members present at the Annual meeting or Special Meeting at which a quorum is present except where otherwise provided by law or these By-laws shall be the act
of the membership”.

The Motion was made by Mark Williams seconded by Al Mathews to move the Hall Of fame Shoot to the second week in January. Passed 6 to 1. Don Archibald registering a no vote Doug Sims abstained.

President Long informed the board that a meeting was held with representatives from Ben Avery Clay Target Center at 8: 00 this morning regarding issues concerning the last State shoot at Ben Avery and it was his and the other
members present that the issues had been addressed.

President Long opened for discussion the reduction of the $3.00 daily fee for ASTA targets from $3.00 to $2.00. Doug Sims spoke in favor stating that the ASTA has plenty of money and he wanted to give back to the shooters. Mark Williams
stated that he was in favor of giving some back to the shooters but through different means such as target reduction. Roger Combs speaking as the association’s treasurer spoke against the change stating we would be reducing our income by 20 to 30 percent. He further stated that the present funds available would allow ASTA to operate for 1 and ½ to 2 years if no additional
monies came in. John Bergman offered some insight that ASTA does not have an abundance of funds. He noted that the ASTA has insurance but his experience with insurance companies was that they would try any means possible to avoid paying a claim. His concerns were further echoed by Roger Combs. Doug Sims made a motion to reduce the daily fees for the 2017/2018 year from $3.00 to $2.00. The motion was seconded by Marty Benko. The motion was defeated 5 to 3 with Doug Sims, Marty Benko and Donald Archibald voting in favor. Opposed Mark Williams, Al Mathews, Karen Bergman, Steven Bell and Roger Combs.

President Long opened for discussion about the criteria for voting at the Annual Meeting Doug Sims provided some historical back ground. Further discussion followed. Roger Combs proposed a motion that the voting requirements be lowered to 100 targets which must be registered prior to the annual meeting and that the board will make exceptions to this rule for individual hardship such as illness on a case by case basis. Motion was seconded by Mark Williams motion passed. 5 to 3 with Don Archibald, Karen Bergman and Doug Sims registering a no vote.

Roger Combs speaking as the treasurer went over the issues involving the Axline award. It had been resolved by giving a second ATA life membership to Colton Hartly. The reported event #14 class A winner had been resolved and Al Mathews
was he actual winner.

President Long gave a report on left over prizes which we could not use that had been donated to Tri-State for their youth shooting program by past treasure Ken Schatz. He listed what prizes he had left over from the state shoot. Roger Combs
listed the few items he had received from Ken Schatz. Roger Combs and Steve Long will Make those left over prizes available for use at the HOFshoot.

Mark Williams led discussion regarding the SCPT fees for the 2017 years shoot that had yet to be paid. It was noted that the SCPT failed to pay their fees in 2015 and that these fees were forgiven on a one time bases. It appeared that the fees
had been paid in 2016 but now weeks after the 2017 shoot we have not been paid. Steve Bell moved to require payment Marty Benko second. It was Unanimously resolved to require payment for the 2017 SCPT fees owed.

Roger Combs reported that Betty Sackett questioned the necessity for charging for advertising in our state program booklet. Roger Combs stated that we collect over $2,200.00 from these advertisements and it was his recommendation to continue to charge for the advertizing.

At The State Annual meeting it was requested by Mike and Sandra Luchetta that pins be given for events where there are runner-ups. It was unanimously resolved not to give pins for the runner up events.

Respectfully submitted:
Roger Combs

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