Arizona State Trap Association BOD Meeting

November 11, 2018

    1. Call to Order at 1:30 pm by Karen Bergman
    2. Roll Call, Karen Bergman, John Bergman, Tiger Volz. Steve Long, Doug Sims, Marty Benko, Don Archibald
      Roger Combs, Steve Bell, Mark Williams out of town.
    3. Approval of minutes from last meeting
      Treasure’s Report
    4. Unfinished Business:
      • State Shoot, Food, Door Prizes, Trophies, Program, ect.
      • Western Zone ??
      • Wallet Cards Steve has some already made but still waiting on WZ SITE.
      • Web Site, ??
    5. New Business:
      • 8th Annual HOF Shoot Vince Bianco, Food, Door Prizes, Trophies, Program, 2018 year, ect.
      • Junior target price and ammo
    6. Adjourn
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