ATA Notes

On the ATA front, not much is happening.  There have been some minor rule changes, no new shooters will be assigned to the 18 yard line, although those currently there can remain.  The rest are just rewording of current rules.  There is also a new selection process for All Americans.  Both are listed on this site.  The new ATA President is Jim Jones from Montana.  Jim is a good guy and is imbued with that rare commodity, common sense.  We will be well served.


I have been more than delinquent in keeping this column up to date.  Let’s see if we can make a change for the New Year.

First let me pay a tribute to Betty Sackett.  She has been running this site for some time and will be stepping down, Tiger Volz is taking over.  Where do you start with Betty, her accomplishments on the field or her contributions off it?  Betty’s shooting record speaks for itself.  She was the first Lady to run 200 at the State Shoot, she only broke 199 the following year, and at Prescott they still talk about her 100 from the 27 at the Western Zone.   Betty is a member of the Arizona Trapshooting Hall of Fame and was active on the Board of Directors.  She is also the one who creates our programs, calculates the State Teams and keeps a close watch on everything.  Have a question? Call Betty!  When Arizona Ladies are mentioned, the first name that comes up is Betty Sackett.

The Autumn Grand

At the Autumn Grand American, Darvin Thomas of Lake Havasu won the Singles Championship with a perfect 200 and an additional 100 in the shootoff. Other champs from Arizona were Karen Bergman, winning the Lady II Doubles crown, Barry Roach won the always tough Veterans class in the Handicap, and Max Peevyhouse who tied for the Sub Vets, but fell just short in the shootoff. All told Arizona produced 40 overall, category and yardage winners during the 12 days. Not too bad!

7th Annual Hall of Fame

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, the annual shoot will be at Ben Avery from January 10 -14.  The first three days are part of the Arizona Chain and the last two are dedicated to the HOF. This year’s inductee is Doug Sims and it is well deserved.  Like Betty, Doug contributes on two fronts.  He is a championship shooter, his list of wins will take you 15 minutes to read at the ceremony, and if you like the way that Tucson runs, you can thank Doug.  While the shoot and ceremony are open to all, it would be great to have a strong Arizona turnout.

Actually there will be plenty or registered shooting before the HOF. Tucson, Cochise, Rio Salado, Casa Grande, Double Adobe, and Tri-State are all in action.  Karen and I always try to make it to Casa Grande’s New Years shoot and soiree.  It starts on the 26th and ends on New Year’s Eve.  It is capped by a feast around 4 PM.  Yes, we are getting old.

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to all and may 2018 be filled with lots of broken birds!

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