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AA-27-AA Recognition

The ATA recognizes shooters at the end of each target year who have AA averages in both singles and doubles and are on the 27 yard line at the end of the target season.  Minimum target requirements are required in order to qualify for this recognition.

Arizona Recipients

List provided compliments of Trap & Field

If you are an Arizona resident that has received your “pin” and you are not on this list, contact Scott Pike at pikeu68@gmail.com. Provide the year you earned your AA-27-AA pin.

1986 B. Glenn Whittle 1995 Jerald Mitchell
1987 Fred Frazier 1995 Jim Grider
1987 Douglas Hawkins 1995 Ron Schroer
1987 William Windels 1996 Billy Justice
1988 Bill Headstream 1996 Patricia (King) Norwitz
1988 F. Rudy Etchen 1996 Don Jensen
1988 Dean Ettinger 1997 Jim L. Kelly
1989 Tim Robb 1998 William Sparling
1989 Tom Strunk 1999 A. J. Steinbach
1989 Mark Carr 2000 Frank Jr. Noel Jr
1989 Alan Helfer 2002 Jerry Hauser
1989 James Olander 2002 Ed Turner
1990 Gerald Wilson 2003 Greg Cobbs
1991 Dan L. Brown 2003 Richard Newell
1991 Stan Gladden 2004 John E. Kelly
1991 Paul Doetsch 2005 Charles M. Coffey
1991 Brian Axtman 2005 Richard Whitman
1992 John Scanlon 2005 Gerry Williams
1992 Harold Getzan 2006 Scott McClelland
1992 Seper Samsam 2007 Kristi Williams
1993 Roger Coveleskie 2008 Rick Plaumann
1993 Dennis Stedman 2012 Joel Schram
1993 Temple Young 2017 Jay Alderman
1994 Clark Jr. Eichorn 2017 Canyon Ferris
1994 Richard Goerlich 2018 Charles Wachtel
1994 James R. Sharp    
1994 William Edwards    
1994 Dennis Westerlin