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AAA-27-AAA Recognition

September 1999, the start of the 2000 target year, marked the introduction of the AAA six-class classification system to the official ATA rulebook.  AAA classification is defined as:

  •  16-yard Singles – 98% and over  –  Doubles – 96% and over

As of the 2013 target year, the ATA will officially recognize those who have achieved AAA-27-AAA status similar to that of AA-27-AA. The target requirements will remain the same as AA-27-AA as will the year ending yardage requirement of 27. The AAA-27-AAA recognition is a one time achievement. Shooters will be presented with a certificate and pin for this accomplishment.  For shooters meeting the requirements for multiple target years; only the first target year will be recognized for this award. Target requirements are:

  •     Men & Sub-Veteran – 3,000 Singles, 2,000 Handicap.1,000 Doubles
  •     Lady I, Junior & Junior Gold – 2,500 Singles, 1,500 Handicap,750 Doubles
  •     Lady II, Sub-Junior, Veteran, Senior Veteran – 2,000 Singles, 1,000 Handicap, 500 Doubles

Arizona Recipients

List provided courtesy of the ATA website starting with the 2002 Target Year.

2002 Tim Robb Men
2002 Ron Schroer Men
2004 Dick Newell Men