Arizona State Trapshooting Association
Annual Meeting of the Members
March 18, 2018

BOD Attendees:
Steve Long, Karen Bergman, John Bergman, Mark Williams, Al Matthews, Doug Sims, Marty Benko, Bruce Archibald, Tiger Volt, Steve Bell and Roger Combs

Meeting was called to order at 8:05 am Steve ask everyone to stand for the pledge to the flag also a minute of silence for our lost trap shooters.

Minutes from 2017 and financial overview were posted on bulletin board. Steve ask to have them approved and they were. Motion for minutes by Chris Cusumano second by Ken Schatz. Motion for finance by Ken and second by Greg Holden. John Bergman thanks Ben Avery and the ASTA board of directors for all the work they done. He also thanks Mary Long for handling the trophies. Thank Betty Sackett for all the past work  and noted that Tiger would take over for her. Tiger had little time to get the programs out and she will have her hands full. Note a lot of ATA news and John noted that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes. He noted that ATA has sixteen million dollars and he suggested three things. 1st. Get more people interested in shooting. 2nd. Look at the way PITA has a Lewis purse where you shoot 50 singles, 50 handicap and 25 pair of doubles. 3. Would to see the quarterly reports and ATA said they would try to do a monthly report.

Old business: None

New business: Steve suggested we try harder to get the state programs out sooner. Steve introduce the state team and ask them to stand Steven Johnson, Greg Cobbs, Ken Mlynarz, Danny Treanor, Scott Skaggs. Second team Mark Williams, Max Peevyhouse, Richard Goerlick, Don Jensen, Vince Banco. Barry Roach Vet, Kaitlin Quan woman. He asked the ATA all American team to stand was Karen Bergman lady Tim Robb Veteran Canyon Ferris Junior Steven Johnson SV, Gerry Williams Vet Charlie Watchel Junior. He asks John to talk about the rookie of the year Steven Haynes. John talked about the big buckle and what Steven has done. Gerry Williams asked what’s the plan and also for ASTA monies? John said that ATA has plans and not sure of it all, Steve replied that nonresidents get the same trophies as residents and their great trophies. He also stated that this will be a high cost state shoot of 45 to 50 thousand dollars. John also committed that we might need the monies for a lawsuit if an accident was to happen or other legal actions. Ken Schatz stated that the state programs must be out eight weeks in advance for pre-squadding.

State meeting be held on Saturday morning and it should be a must to rotate banks in the 200 singles events. Tony also stated it was getting dark shooting 300 targets in a day. Elections: Steve asked for nomination of a Delegate and a AlterNet Delegate John Bergman and Tiger Volt were both reelected. Next, he ask for the north zone Karen Bergman was reelected and for the south was Marty Benko reelected both again. Mark
Williams nominated Al Mathews Jim Sharp seconded, Tiger Volt was nominated by Ken Mlynarz seconded by Steve Smoot.

Meeting recess until 11:00 when the polls close, Elections of central director was held between Al Matthew and Tiger Volt. The votes were counted after 11:00 by Roger, John and Marty. Tiger was the winner.

Steve called a meeting shortly after to elect new officers to the Board of Directors for ASTA.

The election results were Mark Williams will be the new president Karen Bergman the VP Roger Combs will remain as treasurer and Steve Bell is the new secretary. It was decided do you have Mark name added to the checking account and possibly one other person at a later date. Next meeting was talked about for April 14 and the meeting was adjourned.

Meeting was adjourned.

Steve Bell, Secretary

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