ASTA Board Meeting Minutes (November 9, 2019)

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:39 am by President Mark Williams
  2. Roll Call: Mark Williams, Karen Bergman, Doug Sims, Marty Benko, Richard Lane, Tiger Volz, and John Bergman – ATA Delegate in attendance. Excused: Steve Bell, Steve Long and Roger Combs.
  3. Old Business:
    • No Treasurers report present to review; next meeting.
    • No Meeting minutes present to review; next meeting.
    • No ATA new report or business from John Bergman.
    • Daily fees to be discussed at the next shoot date meeting, increase or stay same.
  4. New Business:
    • Hall of Fame Shoot:
      • Betty Sacket has Hall of Fame Program, Zone Challenge Buckles, and Attendance Pins all in hand. ASTA provides $100 to each member of team.
      • Inductees for Hall of Fame are Gerry and Kristi Williams.
      • Cheryl McCracken is offering ½ price targets on club days at Hall of Fame shoot for Sub Juniors and Juniors.
      • ASTA will offer ½ price targets at Hall of Fame shoot for Sub Junior and Junior shooters on HAA Saturday and Sunday events.
      • Motion made by Doug Sims; second by Marty Benko.
      • All Handicap events with Ties will be shot off daily per ATA rule. Singles and Doubles will carry over per next like event.
      • Prizes on events Saturday and Sunday will be ammo. ASTA will provide.
      • Mark Williams will arrange dinner for Hall of Fame shoot. Mexican meal as in past.
      • Motion made by Tiger Volz, second by Richard Lane.
      • Karen Bergman will take care of Cake for Dinner.
    • Arizona State Shoot:
      • Shoot Program needs to be put together as soon as possible. Ads for program needed – Steve Bell has great list.
      • Mark Williams is getting a list of accepted venues for dinner allowed at Ben Avery.
      • Trophy Committee: Rosie Kingery compiled a list of prizes needed. Proposal made to add Runner-up trophies to the Championship events on the Saturday and Sunday.
      • Motion made by Tiger Volz, second by Richard Lane.
      • Trophy Committee is Rosie Kingery, Karen Bergman, Tiger Volz, Allisen Reese and Steven Haynes.
    • Western Zone Shoot:
      • Check list for shoot to be made and followed prior to shoot.
  5. Motion made to adjourn meeting at 8:35 am.
    • Motion made by Tiger Volz, second by Marty Benko.
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