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Arizona State Team Requirements

The  Arizona State Teams recognize accomplished Category shooters within the State on an annual basis.  Team members are chosen based on the following requirements effective September 1, 2022, beginning with the new 2023 ATA calendar year.

  1. Candidates must shoot the three (3) All-Around State Shoot Championship Events (400 targets) in the year under consideration.
  2. Must shoot a minimum of three (3) different Arizona clubs.  Note: The Arizona State Shoot qualifies as a separate club.  Example:  A person could shoot both a regular ATA registered event and the State Shoot at the same club hosting the State Shoot that year and it will count as two (2) clubs.
  3. Your designated Category will be your status on the last day of the ATA target year (August 31) for which you apply.
  4. Candidates must submit an application to the ASTA Secretary by the deadline date stated on the application to qualify for consideration to be on the State Team.  The application is available on the home page under ASTA Information.
  5. Candidates must register a minimum number of targets in each discipline listed below.

Applications meeting these requirements are eligible for State Team consideration.  Once these requirements are met, applicants with the highest composite averages, based on the registered targets shot during the preceding ATA target year, are selected for placement on the various Teams.

The Teams and number of members shall be:  Men – 5, Women – 5, Sub Veteran – 5, Veteran – 5, Senior Veteran – 5, Sub Junior – 5, Junior – 5.

Note:  Age-based Category  shooters are not eligible  for placement on the Men’s Team.  Female Sub Junior, Junior and Junior Gold shooters are only eligible for placement on the respective Sub Junior, Junior or Junior Gold Team.  Shooters who become eligible for new age-based Categories during the target year may elect to continue to compete in the previous Category for the remainder of that target year.  (For example, a shooter reaching age 70 may elect to continue to shoot as a Veteran for the remaining target year.)  However, once a shooter has elected to move in the new Category that decision is irrevocable, and he/she may not again declare eligibility for the previous Category.  Junior shooters reaching the age of 18 may continue to declare Junior Category for the remainder of the current target year.

Category Singles Handicap Doubles
Men Open & Sub Veteran 2,000 2,000 1,000
Senior Veteran
1,500 1,000 500
Sub-Junior & Junior
500 300 200
Rookie of the Year Award 500 300 200

The ASTA will also recognize the shooter with the:

  • High Singles Average (minimum of 2,000 targets)
  • High Handicap Average (minimum of 2,000 targets)
  • High Doubles Average (minimum of 1,000 targets)
  • Most Targets Registered during the ATA target year

“Rookie of the Year” Delegate Award

The Delegate will present the Rookie of the year award to the shooter with the highest composite average. To qualify for Rookie of the Year, a shooter must have joined the ATA for the first time in the current ATA target year and registered a minimum number of targets.

The ASTA will also award the Rookie of the Year winner an ASTA Life Membership.