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Victoria's Shooting Sports Shoot

  • October 19 -21, 2018
  • Hosted by Ben Avery Target Center>

Globe-Miami Gun Club Doubles Marathon

Event will take place Saturday October 6th, 2018

ATA Rule Changes for the 2019 Target Year

ATA Rule Changes for the 2019 Target Year

  • Eliminate The 18 Yard Line
  • Money Purses Eliminated
  • 2 Yards On Adjacent Posts and 3 Yards In The Squad For ALL Yardage

ASTA Daily Fees

Starting September 1st, 2018 ASTA daily fees for shooters:

  • $2.00/day in ATA shoots
  • $1.00/day in Big 50 Program

"GREAT NEWS"... Ben Avery has a Vendor!

Shoots will be held as stated. The ASTA looks forward to seeing you this 2019 Arizona Winter Chain Season. Thank you for your patience.

Tucson Trap and Skeet Club Summer Series 2018

May 12, 2018

June 17, 2018

August 19, 2018

September 9, 2018

Hosted by Tucson Trap and Skeet Club

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