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Arizona Trapshooting Hall of Fame: Vince Bianco

The Arizona Trapshooting Hall of Fame Committee would like to welcome Vince Bianco as this years’ inductee of the Arizona Trapshooting Hall of Fame. Please join Vince at his celebration during the 2019 Hall of Fame Shoot at Ben Avery (January 16 – 20, 2019)

2019 ATA All American Team - Arizona Members

The ASTA would like to congratulate the following Arizona shooters for making the ATA All American Team:

  • Karen Bergman – Lady II Second
  • Charles Wachtel – Junior Second
  • Darvin Thomas – Sub-Veteran Second
  • Gerry Williams – Veteran Second
  • Vince Bianco – Veteran Second
  • James Sharp – Senior Veteran Second

It is a great accomplishment to earn a spot on these teams and Arizona is represented quite well.
The ASTA and Arizona are proud to call you all members and residents of our association and great State.

ATA Rule Changes for the 2019 Target Year

ATA Rule Changes for the 2019 Target Year

  • Eliminate The 18 Yard Line
  • Money Purses Eliminated
  • 2 Yards On Adjacent Posts and 3 Yards In The Squad For ALL Yardage

ASTA Daily Fees

Starting September 1st, 2018 ASTA daily fees for shooters:

  • $2.00/day in ATA shoots
  • $1.00/day in Big 50 Program

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